Hi, I’m Em. Just a girl with wild dreams that I write about.

Join me as I rant about writing and fantasy novels and writing fantasy novels on my Writing Ranting and Reading Ranting blog. You can follow my writing journey from confused newbie to published author (published part still pending). I’ll be sharing my writing experience as I go along with helpful advice I’ve received or picked up so far.

I’m also on Discord as LoveFantasyNovels#0367. My group, “Writing Ranting With Others” isn’t just any writing group. It’s for all kinds of writers, especially those who are feeling discouraged or finding it hard to share. Feel free to reach out through Discord or one of my other links here and chat about the good, the bad, and the fun side of writing.

After a series of vivid dreams several years ago, I decided to turn them into a story. Since then, more dreams have become both short stories, and some have become novel outlines. I have various novel ideas and outlines just waiting to be written once I’m done with my primary WIP. I like to work on one main WIP at a time while dipping into others when I need a break. Check out some short stories on my Dreams of a Fantasist page.

My first project was a pentalogy. I drafted the whole thing until I had over 500k+ words. After learning more about writing, I realised it was too big of a project for a first-time author. I decided to work on a standalone, which is about to go through its final edit after various critiques and beta readers. See teasers of my WIPs on my Novels page. 

Keep up to date with my ranting via my posts. See below for the latest rants or my Writing Ranting page for the full blog.


Top picks from my blog…

The Mechanical Beast

Check out more from my Dreams of a Fantasist collection. This is silly and fun and based on something real that I’ve made fantastical because I see the fantastical in the most mundane things. Can you guess what it was based on? In the wild, I am the huntress. I prowl the black and grey…

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Take Flight

Another story from Dreams of a Fantasist. The title was inspired by Lyndsey’s track, but the story is a Fantasist original. I run through the battlefield, dodging swinging swords as I go. My weapon long lost, the balance tips further in their favour. Blooded ground stretches out before me until it meets dark mountains beyond.…

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A little poem from my random Bursts of Words collection. I once had a collection of pearls in an iridescent shell. Each one contained a piece of my heart. Some I wore on a necklace when I needed them while others were safe away from the cruel world. They shimmered in the sunlight and brought…

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My latest rants…

Book Review. Rhapsodic, The Bargainer #1 by Laura Thalassa, 5 Stars

Warning: Some reviews contain minor spoilers, but I keep the best parts vague. Check out my Reading Ranting page for more reviews and thoughts on reading. You can never tell if you’re going to devour a book or if the book is going to devour you. For me, this book falls into the latter. It just hooked me from page 1 and made me love everything about it all the way through.  What I liked… EVERYTHING! But I’ll be specific. I love the unusual relationship between Callie and Des. It’s a friends to lovers and enemies to lovers combo. They…

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All Alone!

Characters might spend time alone, either before or after significant events. Preparing and processing is important for character motivation and consequential actions. It can also keep throughs out of busy scenes where it might distract from the moment. Here are a few things I like when reading or writing characters on their own.  Keep it short. Long paragraphs of time alone with their thoughts can be boring. Tie it into something active, like exploring or going through old trinkets that prompt memories for the character to think about.  Practicing something potentially useful is another way to make it active and…

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Book Review. A Touch of Ruin by Scarlett St. Clair. 2 Stars.

Warning: Some reviews contain minor spoilers, but I keep the best parts vague. Check out my Reading Ranting page for more reviews and thoughts on reading. What I liked… Persephone’s inner conflict and how it manifested in her magic. I like how she struggles to control it when she’s angry or upset. I like how she stands up to her mother. She couldn’t before, because she didn’t know what she was missing out on. Being in the real world and making friends with humans and fellow gods clearly made her realise what real freedom is.  I like the writing. It’s…

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Random Update!

Don’t forget to check out my Reading Ranting for thoughts on reading and book reviews. Feel free to ask about my Writing Ranting Discord group @lovefantasy#0367. Follow me on Instagram and TikTok. Writing is going really well. I rewrote the intro the Out of Ashes, which is now with a couple of writing friends for fresh eyes. I’m happy with the new opening. It’s a little more dramatic on an emotional perspective, but not too heavy on story points.  We’ll see what my writerly people say, then I’ll revise it based on their suggestions, and try agents again. So far,…

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The Poet

Sharing this beautiful poem by my friend Aby. ❤❤❤ Make me sing your song, I told the poet He drew three gossamer strings Laid them in front of me And said, Now play. The Poet

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Book Review. A Touch of Darkness by Scarlett St. Clair. 3.5 Stars.

Warning: Some reviews contain minor spoilers, but I keep the best parts vague. Check out my Reading Ranting page for more reviews and thoughts on reading. I love all things mythological, so this was a fun book to read. However, I found that for everything I liked in general, there was a huge exception that put me on the fence with this book. I would have given it 2.5 stars based on that, but it had a certain… “je ne sai quoi,” to it, so it got an extra star for that.  What I liked… I love how the mythological…

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