I’ve been told I’m a walking contradiction. I love routines but hate doing the same thing 2 days in a row. I will wear leggings with the plainest sweaters, then mismatch floral jeans with patterned tops. I mostly live in heels because they’re actually more comfortable. I like natural coconut but not coconut flavouring. I have a cheat day for food which last about 4 days. I’m more Spanish than English in personality, but more English in appearance.

I love to lose myself in creative endeavours or something engrossing, but I hate losing myself in my own thoughts. They suck most of the time. I define myself differently every day from anywhere between black hole to rainbow slinky. I will try almost anything once, but I’ll mostly likely hate it. I care too much what others think of me while wanting them to fuck off and let me be myself. I go from silent to word vomit faster than a McLaren.

I’m an ESL teacher from Manchester, UK, living in Galicia, Spain. I studied performing arts and media forever ago. I wrote scripts, articles, and short stories. After a long break, I started writing again summer 2015 after a series of wild dreams prompted something that resembled a story. It all just snowballed from there with series ideas, spin-offs and other novels pending. I hope to be published some day, but for now, I’m happy writing different things until one of them is ready.

Any comments, connections, conversations, contemplations and constellations… feel free to contact me via the links below. And check out some of my more personal posts under the contact info.

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Summer Staycation!!!

Summer is going to be rough this year. Many of us are on an extended break, or unemployed due to Covid-19 cutbacks. It sucks. It really does.  But there are lots of us who have a wildly creative side to lose ourselves in when things get tough. Use this time to your advantage and throw…

More Wibbly Wobbly Timey Wimey Things!

Oh, if only I had a time machine so I could get everything right 1st time around. But I don’t. I have to change and adapt what I have to make it work. Also, time travel is a tricky thing. Even the smallest change can cause a ripple effect through everything you know and love.…

Down the Rabbit Hole!!!

While thanking a writing buddy of mine for his critique on my latest chapter, I ranted about how the story behind the book was a deeply personal one. He was very much aware of this already so it wasn’t a surprise how deep this particular story goes for me.  He responded with “The only thing…

A Series of Harry Potter Events!

It started with films based on books.  This term, I’ve been teaching my pre-teens about films and cinema. Half of them are Harry Potter fans so, of course, they thought of Harry Potter. We didn’t compare the books vs the films because they just don’t have the vocabulary in English, but they enjoyed seeing the…

Besties, Frenemies, or Nemeses?

I tried to make this writing-related, but honestly, it’s all about my new kitten. Imagine I’m talking about introducing two unpredictable characters or something. Introductions are always important.  Introducing Tinkerbell… I’ve had this little kitty for a couple of weeks now. She was desperately looking for a home after being found on the street. I…

Creating Creative Spaces!!!

I rearranged my living room the other day and feel more creative and refreshed in my personal space. So it got me thinking about creative spaces and how writers create theirs. Like any job or hobby, you need the right space and tools to work in. An artist need’s their canvas, paints, light and space…

One with Nature!

I saw a moorhen today. Sounds silly maybe, but I do love a little nature. I am a Taurus, an Earth sign, and for all that I’m sceptical of what that means, I know I feel nature all around me. I love it. Click here for a sort of poem about it. Enjoy…