Here are some of my WIPs. A couple are well on their way to completion. I’ll be sharing some spoilers when they’re close to publishing.

All images are from and are purely for my own inspiration and a little teaser.


I started writing this mythic fantasy pentalogy in 2015 after a crazy dream. It’s still a WIP, but the whole series is drafted and just waiting for me to tackle now that I have a much better handle on writing.

Reino del Mar

A Starlighters spin-off which leads into a fun trilogy with a new generation and a new world.

Fae and Foe

Sage is half human, half fae who grew up in our world. When her fae uncle turns up to take her to the fae realm, Sage discovers more about her magic and past than her mother revealed.

Out of Ashes (Current WIP)

A historical fantasy of pretty music and dark magic.

Elemental Storm

Another dream-inspired series. A fun steampunk adventure

The Crimson Gate (Working Title)

All Hell Breaks loose, literally, in this demon apocalyptic novel. Lizzy and her demon hunter friends have to find the pieces of the key that can close the gates to Hell and end the demonic rule over Earth.

Last Goddess

Viridia is a goddess forced to live among mortals after losing her siblings. But history is repeating itself as more people she cares for lose their lives. Viridia has to discover who is killing her friends while hiding the goddess within her.